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We have created a new url for the counter-strike servers,

Next time you connect, just use or :27000.

Have fun!


Test Server

We have just publicly launched a new test server (protocol 48) in place of the main mYktm CS1.6 server. If everything goes well and as planned for a week, we will be replacing the old server. There might be lots of bugs and errors, so please help us find and fix them. Also, please be patient.

We'll try to keep you updated as we run the test server, so please keep following!


Welcome to mYktm Gaming!

We brought you the best Nepalese forum and chatroom, and just when you thought we were gone - here we are, our own gaming site! Hang on to your seat while we bring the Nepalese online gaming community to the spotlight!

Our official mYktm Counter Strike server address is "" Enjoy Fragging!!

Under Construction!

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